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  • Tester

The Strategy is designed to provide investors both income growth and capital appreciation with less market risk over time. Following a period of developmental testing, the Strategy was advanced to its current Trial phase which began July 1, 2013 funded with partner capital. This phase allows the management of a live portfolio constructed according to the parameters resulting from the Strategy’s Test phase. Upon completion of the Trial, the Strategy will be open to outside investors.

The Strategy invests in companies within the S&P/TSX Composite that are typically leaders in their markets, have solid capital bases, generate strong cash flows and possess the ability to increase their annual dividend over time. The product has been constructed in a manner consistent with the US Equity Strategy within the constraints of the Canadian market. The portfolio consists of 20 equally weighted positions.

The Strategy has outperformed its benchmark since inception exhibiting less volatility, better capital preservation and faster recovery after market declines, all characteristics in