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  • Managing Risk:
    Equally weighted.

  • Managing Risk:
    Equally weighted.

Our concerns are how much the Strategy may lose relative to the Index in periods of Index decline and what is the time period until recovery of capital. We believe this relative risk is mitigated by investing in businesses that possess predictable dividend growth characteristics and we are rigorous in adhering to our systematic, evidence-driven processes in portfolio selection. Existing stocks are replaced if the expectations for their future dividend growth do not continually rank in the top 22.

The Strategy is equally weighted, an approach which has tended to outperform those weighted by market capitalization. The Strategy excludes broad components of the Index that are less predictable or that have insufficient dividend history. The Strategy is constructed independently of Index weightings.

The table below summarizes a number of risk measures for the Strategy and the Index, based on monthly calculations from May 15, 2009, to March 31, 2015.

The Strategy The Index
Sharpe Ratio 1.76 1.38
Information Ratio ex post, annualized 1.16
Tracking Error 4.44%
Standard Deviation 12.98% 12.85%
Sortino Ratio 2.06 1.40
Up Capture 105.3% 100%
Down Capture 73.96% 100%
Calmar Ratio 1.74 1.10

The Sharpe Ratio figures suggest that the Strategy has achieved higher risk adjusted returns than the Index. The Information Ratio supports this observation. The Down Capture figures suggest that the Strategy’s loss of capital is less than the Index in periods during which the Index has declined. The Down Capture results also suggest that the time to recovery of capital is less than the Index.