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  • Consultant Validation:
    Verified By Experts.

  • Consultant Validation:
    Verified By Experts.

Consultant Validation

When conducting research, it is common to seek independent counsel from experts that helps you better understand:

  • Is the research methodology adequate to address the questions raised?
  • Does the underlying research support the conclusions?
  • Are there significant questions that need to be addressed in order to render the results more robust?

Our practice has been to engage an independent econometric consultant to review our methodology, specifically with respect to these concerns:

  • Are our model of dividend growth and other fundamental company factors consistent with established research on the financial markets and our business description
  • Are the statistical tests adequate, complete and consistent with professional[/sixcl]

We have engaged expert consultants to help us understand the validity of our research approach and methods. David W Peters, Ph.D., of Peters Financial Consulting in Toronto holds a doctorate in finance from Queen’s University and has held academic appointments in finance at several universities. David and his father, Honourable Douglas Peters, P.C. Ph.D., are very well known in the professional community. Dr. Peters formally reviewed and certified our methodologies along the lines described above.